Creative Hands Gallery

Diana Boyle

Growing up in southern California, I was always vaguely aware of gourds. It wasn't until my curiosity about growing them led me to know and appreciate them. Not able to find any classes in gourd art, I searched the internet and attended art and craft shows, and decided to take my own road in my art. I use the traditional arts of wood burning and carving and generally start my pieces with freehand drawing.

Sometimes a concept is whole in my mind and other times the gourd dictates the steps that I take with it. Either way, I love working with these incredible gifts from nature. I live in New Hampshire with my husband, son and constant companion Milo the dog. Art has always held an interest for me and I have also created in fabric arts, paper making, polymer clay and fused glass. As a mixed media artist, I am always trying to see what I can combine.