Creative Hands Gallery

Karen B. Mitchell

Handcrafted silver jewelry,
reflecting my joy in the New England seasons,
makes every day an occasion for art
with the sparkle of silver
or splash of a colorful stone.
The rhythms and textures of small town life energize
my designs. Nature�s spirit flow through them,
playing along the graceful curves of a cat�s back,
and softening edges
as water smoothes pebbles in a brook.
Wear my jewelry and carry the harmonies of the earth with you.

A New England native, Karen Mitchell first studied studio art at Colby College and the University of Maine at Orono, focusing on printmaking, etching and block prints. A twist of fate sent her to North Carolina where she trained to become a dental lab technician. She later returned to New England and, in 1985, while working for a dentist in Nashua, NH, took a jewelry-making class at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. Her technical skill with metals translated happily to the new art form. Then and there she fell in love with silver.

A juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen since 1991, Karen strives to advance her skills by exploring new styles and techniques. She finds inspiration everywhere and loves finding ways to incorporate the new into her work. Each new piece is another step along her path.