Creative Hands Gallery

Lisa-Marie Nowakowski

My wonderfully creative friend, Suzy first turned me on to the world of beads & jewelry-making during our senior year of high school, and the interest continued throughout my first few years of college.  Eventually, other artistic pursuits took over, and 20 years went by.  Then one day while walking on the beach with my mother, she found a pretty pair of shells & hinted that she would like them made into earrings.  I took the hint & was back on the pony again.  After some meandering, I happened upon the path of the chainmaille artist.  Whereas before I was weaving tiny glass beads on a threaded loom, I now found myself attracted to the sturdy luster of metal & the colorful beauty of gemstones & larger glass beads.  The origin of chainmaille as a means of protection also appealed to me & I felt this history made sense in relation to its modern-day use as jewelry.  There is something about wearing objects of adornment that makes us feel a little bit �more� as we go out into the world:  the lucky ring that seems to keep your day on track when it really matters; the bracelet that is a palpable reminder you are dearly loved; the simple organic medallion that brings you a sense of peace & balance.  Worn on the outside, but enhancing our deeper sense of who we are, jewelry is a language all its own... and one that I have come to love.