Creative Hands Gallery

Meryl Lefkovich

I am a jewelry designer, metalsmith and recent transplant to Asheville, NC from the Boston, MA area. All of my work is designed and created by me in my studio, here in Asheville.

My goal is to recreate and reinterpret natures beauty in metal and gemstones, for a wearable piece of art, that captures a moment and lasts forever. I am endlessly engaged in turning a flat sheet of metal, a piece of wire or a lump of wax into an organic and personal expression of something that has inspired me and captured my fancy. Wax carving, cast botanicals and traditional methods of metalsmithing are the methods I use to bring my designs to fruition.

I am equally passionate about creating work that will bring joy, beauty, strength and confidence to the wearer. To make them feel as unique and special as the jewelry that adorns them.