Creative Hands Gallery

Peter Zimmerman

I am someone with a life-long missionary zeal for creative expression.  At the age of twenty-two in 1991, I began an apprenticeship at a glass blowing studio in Centralia, Washington.   I worked hard on the skill, growing more inspired as I worked with others around me and explored what I could find about those who worked before me.  In 1997 I was given the opportunity to work outside of the United States, working as a production glassblower on the island of Bermuda. I was fortunate enough to stay for ten years.

While in Bermuda I continued to work hard to learn the skills required to master hot glass. I was introduced to venetian techniques I would not have been exposed to back in the states and I also began applying time and attention to traditional soda glass lampwork.

2007 I arrived back in the United States with the intention of furthering my passion by offering my own designs.  I am a happy member of the Western Avenue Studios community in Lowell, MA.