Creative Hands Gallery

Tracy Levesque

Tracy Levesque's work is truly a celebration of life. A vegan, a nature enthusiast and an animal rights advocate for over 20 years, Tracy's chromatic paintings are a life-long love affair with nature and a tribute to the incredible world we live in. 

Tracy Levesque is a child of the New England landscape. Born in the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts, Tracy spent her early years immersed in the beauty of this breathtaking rural countryside. These tranquil landscapes are still her greatest inspiration and teacher.

Tracy started out as a realistic artist but quickly abandoned realism for a more impressionistic, symbolic style that spoke more to the psychological realities of human existence rather than the more conventional interpretations of them. Believing that nature is the only true mentor for the artist and that beauty resides in every living thing, she began interpreting her world through texture and line and transforming what she saw into her own version of reality. Alive with the spontaneity of line and the beauty of color, Levesque's paintings are vibrant and full of life - like looking through a stained glass window into a fairy tale world that pulls you out of time and into a magical world filled with imagination.