Creative Hands Gallery

Valerie Leri

I grew up in Belmont, Massachusetts and attended University of Massachusetts studying Fine Arts. I graduated in 1982 and I have been painting ever since. I have always wanted to live on Cape Cod, taking frequent vacations here and to Martha�s Vineyard during the summers.  I finally decided to  move here, in part to be closer to my parents who live on the Vineyard.  I have been living in Mashpee  for 10 years now. When I�m not painting or getting my work out there, I love spending time with my three kids, three dogs and two cats. I consider myself very blessed to be able  to work at home doing documentary  transcription part-time which allows for treks to the beach or nature trails with my dogs, kayaking on John�s Pond, and frequent visits from my best friend and twin sister who loves coming to the Cape, and just generally enjoying nature.

Being on Cape Cod inspires me to create paintings that I believe are uplifting and lighten the spirit, both my own and hopefully that of the viewer. To this end, I am drawn to working with bright, bold colors or soft pastels. Though I�ve worked with oils and watercolors, my favorite medium is acrylic paints and the majority of my paintings are with that medium.

A strong element throughout my work is light � both physically and spiritually � through a combination of realism and abstraction. My mission is to capture a sense of spontaneity and tranquility or movement, energy and exhilaration through the interaction of colors and shapes. Some of my paintings are interwoven with elements from nature such as sand, bark, stones and shells to give the painting a 3D appearance. I like to work more by feeling than technique, letting the painting in a sense �create itself� with myself as the conduit to the visual message. So it is therefore more about flow than form.

There is no right way to interpret my art.  My hope is that it is uplifting for the viewer. Ultimately my art is an invitation �to dream.�