Creative Hands Gallery

Faith Connor

Spontaneous, expressive decisions and the rigidity of compulsive, repetitive movements is what I demonstrate in my work. To instill in my pots a sense of personality and character, I project my own emotions and feelings of containment and discomfort into quick altering of simple thrown forms. This provides an outlet for my depression and how I use my ceramic practice to cope and to convey to others my own struggle. These forms are then paired with a tedious movement that mimics the anxiety and disquiet that is also a part of my life. Together, the dialogue between these two aspects creates an illustration of my personal experiences as well as a connection between how and why I make my work. My pots evoke a visceral reaction to a material that begins with innocence and as it develops, gains parts that reflect my own experiences while still calling to be useful.

To form something beautiful from an aspect of myself that is often destructive.