Creative Hands Gallery

Judith Freeman Clark

Raised in central Massachusetts, I was encouraged by my grandmother to "be artistic."  Accordingly, I attended The Vesper George School of Art in Boston after high school and have been painting in transparent watercolors for 40 years.  I draw inspiration from the watercolors of Winslow Homer and John Singer Sargent, from the Wyeths, and from the works of the late Loring Coleman.

Although I occasionally venture into an impressionistic style, my work reflects my appreciation for contemporary realism, as well as my long-time interest in illustration. I've studied with Robert J. O'Brien, (VT), Richard Stevens (AR), Tony van Hasselt (ME), and JoEllen Reinhardt (MA). Recently, I was pleased to furnish a painting that is used as cover art for Vermont author Sonja Hakala's third novel, "The Dazzling Uncertainty of Life."

For me, painting is a solitary, yet deeply satisfying, endeavor. And while I occasionally paint en plein aire, I work most comfortably in my studio where I can enjoy fresh-brewed coffee, listen to classical music, and lose myself in the creative process.