Creative Hands Gallery

Wendy Wrenn Werstlein

Creating a home, shaping a piece of clay, constructing a life,  with each process there is the opportunity to infuse the intentions of calm, connection, and clarity.   The clear purpose of a bowl:  the proxy for hands cupped together holding, carrying, containing that which will nourish our bodies and our minds.   My mind and hands shape each piece with those intentions and as the pots move out into the world, my touch is extended to the person who takes that piece into their own home to use.  From my story to their story, a story continued.   The development, creation, and sale of my pots is my play, my extroversion expressed, my desire to please others, my path to understanding many things.

I am affected by the flow and line patterns in nature and I explore these patterns and forms in my pots.  My work is moving towards a more organic appearance, often altered away from the perfect circle of the wheel.  Through these forms and patterns emerge lines of communication.  I am learning that the communication of pottery happens most often in the absence of language.   I seek to infuse my work with a sense of movement; the soft stroke of the hand giving comfort and thanks through use. As a social species we communicate, exchange information, through touch, visual expressions, body language, all these voices are present in handmade objects.  You hear the voices through your eyes, your touch, your emotional response to shape and size, color and feel.  However, those lines of communication are open in both directions, when individuals make the choice to purchase a handmade object so much is given in return/said/offered to the artist to espouse their way of life.

It is a conscious choice for me each day to make pots, to entice others to use and share these forms.  The choices of where we place our money and energy is an economic statement, but there is also an emotional component and larger cultural significance when people choose to support an artist's work. These decisions shape our world of external objects as well as our inner sense of self.  Whether you enjoy a cup of tea alone or share a meal with a friend, each experience is enhanced by the presence of handmade objects.

I am currently living in Floyd, Virginia working as a studio potter.  My pottery is made of porcelain clay and is fired in an electric kiln to cone 10.  All pots are safe for microwave, dishwasher and oven.